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The best Prime Day deals: how to get the best Amazon deals in July

Amazon Prime Day deals are coming your way in July and we want to help you find the best deals in what is usually the sales event of the summer.Thanks to a leak we exclusively uncovered last week, it looks like Amazon Prime Day is probably going to start at midday on July 16th and carry on until midnight the following day on the 17th. That’s one hell of a long ‘day’ Amazon. The date has not been confirmed officially yet but we’ve got all our money firmly placed on those days.We love a good deal here at TechRadar and we’ve been bringing you highlights of the best prices for years now around Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day, Memorial Day, bank holiday sales and every day in between too. And yes, we’ve got you covered for this weekend’s 4th of July sales too. So if you want to see the best deals rounded up by seasoned pros instead of seasonal enthusiasts, we’d very much like to see you right here on July 16th.For now though, take a look at our top tips on how to get the most from the best Amazon Prime Day deals so you can get ready in advance to have a stress free shopping experience on the day. And you don’t even have to leave the house. Remember those days, when you had to go out to buy things? What an awful time.
How to get the best Amazon Prime Day deals:

1. Come back to for the best deals
We’ll be pointing you towards the best Amazon Prime Day deals throughout the event here at TechRadar with our dedicated 20-strong team of deal hunters tracking down the best bargains. We’re looking for deals all year round, not just Prime Day and Black Friday, so we’re pretty handy at spotting the genuine bargains over the fake discounts that aren’t worth your time. So feel free to bookmark us if you want to stay up to date with the finest deals.

2. Get Amazon Prime membership beforehand
To get the best Prime Day deals from Amazon you’ll have to be a member of Amazon Prime. Signing up doesn’t take long at all, but considering some of the deals can potentially sell out in minutes, it’s a step you really don’t want to be doing on the day.Pro tip? If you’ve never signed up before, you can actually sign up for a free 30-day trial right now, which will last right through the sale in mid-July. You can enjoy all the membership benefits straight away too like fast delivery and the excellent Prime Video streaming service. We’ve actually written extensively about the benefits Amazon Prime offers. Here are some links to the free trial in the following countries:  US, UK, Canada, India and Australia.

3. Compare previous prices with CamelCamelCamel
An odd site name for sure, but is a fantastic resource for checking just how good a deal is. Simply copy/paste in the Amazon URL on the site of an item you’re thinking of buying and you’ll see an extensive price history for it on Amazon stretching back over a year. This way you can see if that day’s deal is really the best ever price, or how often it gets a similar discount and how likely it is you’ll see a similar price in a few months’ time.

4. Remember, you don’t have to buy it
With so much hype around Prime Day deals it’s easy to get swept away by the huge amount of deals and supposed big discounts. So yes, use CamelCamelCamel like we mentioned above, but even if it is the lowest price yet, that doesn’t mean it’s the right deal for you.If you’ve set aside a budget and you know it’s important to not overspend, try and stick to your guns. Prime Day is not the final sale of the year, hell it’s not even the final sale of the summer, there will be plenty of other fantastic deals and it’s our job to find you the best ones all year round in our Deals section. So while that exact TV might not be available at that price again for a while, you can be sure some nigh-on identical ones will be before the kids go back to school.

5. But don’t wait too long to buy
The best Lightning Deals on Amazon Prime Day could be gone in matter of minutes, so be sure to check how many have been sold with the information provided on Amazon’s site. Deals of the Day will have an expiry date, but some will sell out long before they reach that time. Game consoles and 4K TVs are especially popular on Prime Day, so if you see a price you like on your lunch break, you’re risking it being gone by the time you get home from work.

6. Use the desktop version of Amazon if you can
While the Amazon app and mobile sites are pretty reliable most of the time, Prime Day last year saw quite a few buyers struggle to complete purchases with adding items to the basket being as issue.We’re confident Amazon will be better equipped to deal the huge numbers of traffic this year, but all the same, we’d recommend browsing the deals on a laptop or PC if you can as the desktop version of the site might be a bit more stable.

7. Make sure delivery date promises are kept
In the UK many items will be eligible for free next day delivery or two business days in the US and Australia. Now as a Prime member, you’re paying for that delivery promise, well unless you’re on the free trial, then it’s free. But if your delivery doesn’t turn up on the day it’s supposed to, then you need to put in a complaint to Amazon. This has happened to us a small number of times over the years and Amazon is keen to make it right. We’ve had an extra month added to our Prime membership for free as an apology and even had the whole cost of some cheap items refunded in full without having to return it. Naturally, if you’re not home when Amazon try to deliver on the original date that’s on you. You’ll find a nice orange slip informing you what to do next though.

8. Don’t forget about the other retailers
While Amazon will be the main focus of course, last year we saw a wide range of rival retailers cash-in by having a sale of their own too. So it’s certainly worth checking to see if they’ve price-matched Amazon or have maybe gone even lower.And unlike Amazon Prime Day deals, you won’t have to be a ‘member’ at other stores to get the deals. Or if you have a points-card elsewhere, it might be a good opportunity to bag a decent haul. We’ll be keeping an eye on other retailers for you to give you as many options as possible on the day.

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Global T20 Canada gets a free live stream: see how to watch the cricket from anywhere

It’s weird. There hasn’t been much fanfare around the inaugural of the Global T20 Canada cricket tournament. It may be because it’s in that not-so-proud cricketing country of Canada, but the quality of the players heading to North America to play is substantial. And unlike most cricket these days, the Global T20 is completely free to live stream.The biggest story around the Global T20 is that shamed Australians Steve Smith and David Warner are making their return to competitive cricket at the brand new Twenty20 tournament. And other cricketing superstars such as Shahid Afridi, Chris Gayle and Lasith Malinga will also be travelling to Canada to play for the six competing teams.The Global T20 is being held at the Maple Leaf Cricket Club in Toronto and runs from June 28 with the final taking place on July 15. And the great news is that little-known is showing the whole thing free of charge, with one or two matches most days from 4pm local time (9pm BST, 4pm ET, 1pm PT, 6am AEST).
Discover how to watch the FIFA World Cup for FREE
Free Global T20 live stream
You can access the Freesport online live stream by going to the free and legal streaming service you’re out of the UK, you’ll find that your access is region blocked. You don’t have to let that stop you though, as you can always download and install a VPN to let you watch from anywhere. A VPN – or Virtual Private Network – let’s you effectively relocate your laptop or mobile device’s IP to somewhere else in the world. In this case, you can change it to the UK and pick up the stream as if you were sat in London!We reviewed hundreds of VPNS to make sure we recommend the right one to you. Check out our best VPN services page – our favorite at the moment is ExpressVPN, thanks to its ease-of-use and ridiculous amount of server locations.

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Samsung Galaxy Book 2018 spotted: but is it Qualcomm or Intel inside?

Not long after Qualcomm teased a Windows 10 device from Samsung using its latest Snapdragon 850 chipset, a Samsung Galaxy Book that uses the operating system has been disclosed through a Russian Inspection Bureau EEC certificate.First published on June 27, the certificate directly mentions a “Samsung Galaxy Book Windows tablet” and possible model numbers are listed: Samsung SM-W737 and SM-W738 and its variants: SM-W737A SM-W737N SM-W737V SM-W738N, as Dutch website LetsGoDigital reports.Qualcomm and Samsung announced a few weeks prior to this that a Windows device using the chip maker’s latest system-on-a-chip for the platform was in the works. Could this be what they were talking about?
So, will it be Intel or Qualcomm inside?
With the Galaxy Book traditionally being a device that is primarily used as a tablet, like most Windows 10 devices that run on Snapdragon hardware, this Galaxy Book may be the tablet device that Qualcomm has been previously talking about.Alternatively, Samsung could go with an Intel CPU, as it has with some of its other Windows tablets and laptops in the past (though likely using a Qualcomm modem for the LTE connectivity, anyway). Of course, the final outcome could be that Samsung delivers both options, much like the HP has done with the Envy x2.If Samsung chooses the latter option, it better be careful so as to not confuse customers. As we all should know by now, most folks out there don’t know their processor from their memory, much less the brand names.At any rate, we’ll now be watching the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event in early August with bated breath.
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Via MSPowerUser

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