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Business Email Only Hosting

Improve your business reach with Tomlia Services today

With Tomlia Services email only hosting, you will have a totally professional yet affordable email hosting service.

Wherever you are it’ll keep you connected to clients and any other members of your team. But much more than that, you’ll instantly be creating the impression of a solid, established business.

Customers are more likely to take you seriously too.

In a recent survey, 43% more UK adults agreed that a branded email address looks more professional than a generic one and 33% were more likely to buy from a business with an email address that is personalised to your domain name.

From now on, your emails can be sending out the right messages before you even start writing.

POP3 Mailboxes

If you need an email address you would typically create a POP3 mailbox to collect the email. It is then the job of your mail client (eg Outlook) to download the mail to your computer, or you can view it via our webmail. If you need the email address of then you would call your mailbox ‘sales’.

IMAP Mailboxes

IMAP mailboxes are an alternative to POP3, whereby the mail remains stored at all times on our servers. You can then connect multiple devices (eg your computer, your phone and your work laptop) to read and reply to your emails. Delete an email from your phone, and all devices reflect this deletion. 100MB mailboxes are available included in your package.

Mail Forwards

If you need multiple email addresses, but don’t necessary need separate POP3 or IMAP mailboxes, mail forwarders can help achieve this. You can set the forwarded address to direct to a mailbox, or externally to another address (eg your personal Gmail email).

 Group Addresses

These are best implemented where multiple staff members need to receive a copy of the same email. For example, you may have a sales@ email address which you send copies to all of your sales staff to ensure that they act as quick as they can.


Catch-all email addresses ensure that you receive email no matter what address it has been sent to. This ensures you receive emails regardless of spelling. The downside being is that spammers can make great use of this sending to and you will receive it.


Sometimes referred to as an out of office response, you can set our system to instantly reply to someone who has emailed you. This could be used to confirm that you are unable to reply, or to simply confirm receipt.