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Capture the magic of the night with OPPO Reno2 Series’ Ultra-Dark Mode

We’ve all been there – you’re at a family gathering, a concert, or another important occasion, and the perfect picture that will capture memories for a lifetime is simply not good enough, no matter how hard you try. Luckily, those moments of blurred photographs and shaky videos are a thing of the past, because the new four-camera setup is taking the photography experience to a whole new level… and the new OPPO Reno2 Series is a true Quad Cam expert. Packed with photography-enhancing features that redraw the boundaries of users’ creativity, these stunningly-designed smartphones pack a powerful punch with Ultra Dark Mode, Ultra Steady Video feature, 5x Hybrid Zoom, Ultra-Wide-Angle lens… and that’s without even mentioning the captivating aesthetic of the device, its panoramic screen, shark fin pop-up camera, gaming-optimized features, VOOC Flash Charge 3.0 and large battery capacity! While the Reno2 Series is undoubtedly a phenomenal all-rounder in terms of performance, its photography capabilities go above and beyond. Users are empowered to boldly defy conventional photography by capturing new, fresh perspectives behind the lens. 

Reno2 Series achieves better photography performance in low light with all-new Ultra Dark Mode, acts like your “Night Goggle”- helping you to peer into the pitch black and capture the magic of the night at a stunning new level of clarity. Even if light levels measure below 1 lux, Ultra Dark Mode elevates your photos beyond the capabilities of the naked eye through artificial intelligence-powered noise reduction.This helps you capture finer details than ever before, even when lighting conditions are bad. 
Video is as important today as photographs are, and this is something that OPPO has taken into account with the introduction of Ultra Steady Video in the Reno2 Series. Whatever you’re doing – running, cycling, mountain climbing… or something more relaxed – Ultra Steady Video uses Electronic Image Stabilization and Optical Image Stabilization to make sure that your videos are clear and smooth, matching the quality of purpose-built action camera. 

Ultra-Steady is so advanced that it can even capture perfectly smooth video from an F1 car or when riding a horse. So, whether you’re a budding Grand Prix driver, a jockey-in-training, or parent racing around the playground after your child, OPPO Reno2 Series will capture those special moments perfectly.The Reno2 comes with a 5x hybrid zoom that provides an entire combination of zooming lenses to ensure a smooth and seamless zoom transition. 5x Hybrid Zoom enables crisp, ultra-high-quality imaging in long-distance scenarios, like presentations where textual information needs to be seen, or at a concert when users desire to capture a clear picture of the performers on stage. 
The Ultra-Wide-Angle Mode can now shoot vast and boundless landscapes at night or day and even in small, confined spaces, demonstrating the camera’s exceptional performance no matter what, when or where users want to take pictures.More than a superb camera, the Reno2 Series is equipped to meet your everyday communication needs, whatever they may be. A powerful battery will keep you connected for longer; large storage capacity lets you hold onto more precious photo and video memories, and VOOC charging means that even when your device’s battery runs low, you don’t have long to wait before it’s ready to go again. In short: the OPPO Reno2 Series has everything you could want in a smartphone. 

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