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Computer MOT

Computer MOT

We want you to enjoy your computer for years to come, we have created a comprehensive computer MOT to keep your desktop, laptop or netbook running at top speed.

Over time, deleted files and applications leave behind lots of “junk” data on your machine. These files can start to slow your machine down after a while. You can dig into the guts of your machine and delete them manually, or you can let Tomlia Services do the hard work for you.

We take pride in our work and we are 100% sure you will be happy with the results.

Even if you have already elsewhere for a computer  MOT or health check, if you let us look at it we can find the issues they could not.

There can be any number of problems which could result in poor performance of your PC.

What do I get in my Computer MOT?

  • Viruses and spyware removed
  • Hardware upgrade advice
  • Cleaning out the build-up of old files
  • Deleting temporary files
  • Removing unwanted software
  • Full virus/spyware scan and clean
  • Windows updates installed
  • Clean all air vents and fans to prevent over-heating
  • De-fragment hard disk if required
  • Give your machine a complete clean and valet
  • Detailed report of what action was taken

Even includes collection and return of your PC or laptop to your home if you live in Thurrock

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