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PC Recycling

Safely erase all data before disposal of old computers – Once a computer is no longer required we can for a small fee make sure no prying eyes can ever recover the data that was stored on your system by erasing all data beyond recovery.

Save money and the enviroment we can turn your computer into an energy efficient green computer by either replacing components to more efficient ones or configuring your system to be more enviromentaly friendly

Green computing or green IT, refers to environmentally sustainable computing or IT.

This term generally relates to the use of computing resources to help reduce, minimize environmental impact, and ensuring social duties. Green computing is very much related to other similar movements like reducing the use of environmentally hazardous materials like CFCs, promoting the use of recyclable materials, minimizing use of non-biodegradable components, and encouraging use of sustainable resources.

As old computers are one of the worst offenders we at Tomlia Services take our responsibilities highly as the landfill mountain of unused computer parts is growing by the day.