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The Teamgroup GX1 is the cheapest 1TB SSD in the world

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us, we enter a lull where deals usually become rarer.The race for the most affordable SSD, however, continues unabated, with Teamgroup cementing its status as the cheapest 0.96TB/1TB SSD ever. Until December 9, Newegg is selling the GX1 for $76.99, down from a suggested price of $98.99 and its former lowest of $79.99.It is not a 1TB model like Pioneer’s, Inland Professional or Teamgroup’s other value SSD, the GX2. These three have a more expensive per TB cost at $81.99, surpassing the GX1 by $1.70.Like most drives within this price bracket, this is a SATA3 DRAM-less 2.5-inch internal drive that uses 3D NAND Flash memory with SLC caching and wear-leveling technology and ECC function.
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No software bundled
Teamgroup quotes speeds of 530MBps and 480MBps on read and write respectively, which makes it a below average SSD but still far, far faster than most, if not all, hard drives.It has an endurance of more than 240TB written and a mean time before failure of one million hours. However, you can only buy five of these drives at a time. Note that they come with a three-year warranty.
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