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When will Star Trek: Picard episode 5 be released?

Want to know when Star Trek: Picard episode 5 is available to stream? The latest show in the long-running and ever-popular Star Trek series releases every Thursday on CBS All Access in the US, and every Friday on Amazon Prime Video in international territories, which includes the UK and Australia.By now you’ve seen episodes 1-4 of Picard, and JL is finally having Star Trek-shaped adventures on other planets. After a slow burn start to season 1, Picard looks like he’s just acquired two new crew members, including Seven of Nine from Voyager and the Romulan Elnor. There are 10 total episodes in Star Trek: Picard season one that will release weekly, and a season 2 has already been confirmed. Below, we’ll explain when you can watch Star Trek: Picard episode 5, and when we expect the reason of season one to arrive on CBS All Access and Amazon Prime Video. 
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When is the next episode of Star Trek: Picard?
Star Trek: Picard releases every Thursday on CBS All Access in the US, and every Friday on Amazon Prime Video internationally. CBS All Access released Star Trek: Picard episodes 1, 2 and 3 at midnight PT, so we expect Star Trek: Picard episode 5 to be released on February 20 at midnight PT / 3AM ET. In international territories where Star Trek: Picard broadcast rights are owned by Amazon Prime Video, Star Trek: Picard is released the day after. So expect to see episode 5 on February 21. That said, Twitter users reported seeing the first episode drop at 11PM UK time on the Thursday, so it’s possible you’ll see each episode a little earlier. 
Star Trek: Picard release schedule
The show will release every Thursday throughout the next month or so. We’ve listed US dates followed by international dates below, and while they’re subject to change, there’s no reason to believe the schedule will be altered. 
Star Trek: Picard episode 1: ‘Remembrance’ – 23 January (CBS AA), 24 January (Amazon)Star Trek: Picard episode 2: ‘Maps and Legends’ – 30 January (CBS AA), 31 January (Amazon)Star Trek: Picard episode 3: ‘The End is the Beginning’ – 6 February (CBS AA), 7 February (Amazon)Star Trek: Picard episode 4: ‘Absolute Candor’ – 13 February (CBS AA), 14 February (Amazon)Star Trek: Picard episode 5: ‘Stardust City Rag’ – 20 February (CBS AA), 21 February (Amazon)Star Trek: Picard episode 6: 27 February (CBS AA), 28 February (Amazon)Star Trek: Picard episode 7: 5 March (CBS AA), 6 March (Amazon)Star Trek: Picard episode 8: 12 March (CBS AA), 13 March (Amazon)Star Trek: Picard episode 9: 19 March (CBS AA), 20 March (Amazon)Star Trek: Picard episode 10: 26 March (CBS AA), 27 March (Amazon)
Star Trek: Picard season 2 is coming, too
Star Trek: Picard was renewed for a second season before the show even aired. Whoopi Goldberg will return as Guinan from The Next Generation for season 2, but otherwise we won’t know what the producers have planned until season one is over. 
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